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Yay Buffalo!

I am currently accepting bookings for my trip to Buffalo April 18-22. Before you call or email me, please take some time to read over my website to get a sense of the unique nature of my work. I won’t have space to answer questions answered here on these pages.

I am unlike any other provider who advertises on BP, and it’s important that you understand how.  I also recommend reading over my client testimonials, so you can hear directly from other people like you.

“I am so happy that I lucked across Summer’s ad a few weeks ago… Her service was absolutely great and a very sensual and healing experience. I would repeat! Summer is a unique type of provider. She is a professional, skilled, warm, friendly, and empathetic healer. Her service is far grander than just FBSM – as a matter of fact, it’s not FBSM at all. She provides a high quality massage, psycho-therapy, erectile coaching, relationship advice and an intimate, sensual tantra service…  Summer can show you some things about yourself that can benefit you in the long run, far beyond the moment of this session…” BROTHER8 on The Erotic ReviewReviews

TRAVEL FEES: Between airfare, shipping my table, lodging, food and transportation, I spend easily $400/day when I travel. Since  I work with just one or two people a day (and sometimes none) you can see that this is problematic for me.

How I am handling that is asking you to share my expenses. You are not paying all of my travel expenses. We are sharing the costs. Otherwise it is not feasible for me to work with people outside of Atlanta.

When you book your appointment, you will be required to put down a deposit that will include the appropriate fee below. I am aware that these travel fees are not small, but it’s the only way I am able to work with you unless you’d like to fly to Atlanta.   😉

90m Massage: $105 travel fee + $100 towards session
2hr Tantra: $133 travel fee + $150 towards session
3hr Tantra: $189 travel fee + $210 towards session

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