My Ideal Client

Who should not work with Tantra Massage Atlanta?

  • People seeking sexual entertainment
  • People expecting to touch my naked body during their session
  • People whose main interest is stress relief through genital release
  • People acting out sexual addiction
  • People who are unwilling to let go and surrender, who need to be in control
  • People who don’t feel comfortable sharing themselves vulnerably and openly during the application process

I had no idea what you would do for me, but I am amazed at the power of the love I experienced. Thank you deeply! I have wanted to feel that for so long. I live in a barren waste land of emotion most of the time, and I feel like you have shown me the “emerald city” for the very first time. It is remarkable, and has moved to tears as I try to write this. I can’t really describe the gratitude I have for the experience you gave me.” Henry M.

Who can benefit from working with Tantra Massage Atlanta?

  • People who want to receive genuine, nurturing touch and attention
  • People who are interested in creating more closeness and intimacy with their beloveds
  • People who suspect that there’s more to sex and intimacy than what’s sold in western culture
  • People who are recovering from sexual addiction / excessive porn use
  • People who feel numb
  • People who are experiencing pain after divorce, tragedy, abuse, loneliness or trauma
  • Men who want support in addressing (ED) Erectile Dysfunction or (PE) Premature Ejaculation.
  • People who feel disconnected from their bodies and their sexual expression
  • People who want to learn how to connect more deeply their internal world, their needs and their soul-truth
  • People who want to be seen fully, and accepted exactly as they are

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