Phone Coaching

Women and relationships are not easy to navigate. When we work together, I will offer you gentle insight and guidance in moving towards a more loving, connected and sexy relationship with your Beloved. Young man on mobile

My Coaching sessions are a wonderful place to explore how create more intimacy and connectedness not just with your lover, but in all the relationships in your life.

90 minute phone coaching: $150

“Thank you for all the great insight on being able to respond to my wife’s words and actions. I really think that the information you shared with me will put my marriage back the way it needs to be.” a client in Birmingham, AL


I’m rolling out a coaching program specifically designed for men who are really struggling in their relationship. In this program, we will go over specific goals you want to produce, and design a plan of action to make that happen.

I will walk you through a series of practices that will not only shift your relationship to yourself as a man, also but open the door for the kind of connection and intimacy that you desire. You’ll begin taking actions that will leave you clear about the Gift that you are: not just for your woman, but for your family, your community and the world.

This program is not for the faint of heart. It will be rigorous and demanding. We will check in several times a week to insure you’re on track and making progress.

I will be your female wingman with the inside scoop that you need to get your relationship back on track!


“It was funny because she noticed the posture change that night. I took a more concerted effort over the next week while I was in town to actually listen to what she was saying and have more meaningful conversations. This past week I began making a concerted effort to notice how she dressed and made an effort to comment on how she looked. Going into the weekend I changed my demeanor on conversations… Since then we have had sex now 3 times in the last 4 days. Which I don’t think has happened since kids. I continue to work on my posture and of course am as confident in speaking as I always have been.” a client in Buffalo, NY

Below are my introductory long term coaching packages.

4 months / 12 phone sessions including email support & accountability
$2400 when paid monthly at $600/mo or $2160 when paid up front.

8 months / 24 phone sessions including email support & accountability
$4,320 when paid monthly at $540/mo or $3888 when paid up front.

“May 10th would have been my wedding day so it’s been running through my mind a lot more recently… I shouldn’t have to hide myself to the person I’m supposed to be the closest with. You’ve taught me I need to be fully open, not partially open, of myself to someone in order to receive love and caring from them..But overall I do feel positive about my future…You are an amazing provider. I have also begun to be more decisive after something you told me from our first session… I will continue to use what I’ve learned from you in my future relationships. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me.” a client in Atlanta

If you’re interested in including bodywork in your long term coaching package, contact me for details. We can also set up a free exploratory call to talk about what you’re dealing with, and to see if my coaching would be a fit for you.