Your Tantra Massage


Your Tantra massage session will be personally connected and deeply sensual. You will be held with impeccable attention, and touched with tenderness and care.

Your heart & body will be nourished, leaving you more available for love & connection.

When you open to love, more life-force energy moves through you.
When you’re connected to this energy, more of YOU is available for your life as well as your connection with a lover.

* It’s not uncommon to experience gradations of emotional and spiritual catharsis during or after your tantra massage session. Click here for a link to my dropbox folder with collected reviews to get a sense of what you might experience.

Your Tantra massage session is an invitation to…

  • Learn to foster genuine connection and intimacy with your partner
  • Begin rewire your neurology for intimacy vs. “checking out.”
  • Tap into your emotions as an access to power and freedom
  • Have the delicious opportunity to relax your fixation with performance, allowing for exquisite, full body pleasure
  • Learn to use your magnificent sexual energy in a manner that serves your partner, and the world.

Your Tantra session will not be a therapeutic, deep-tissue massage. Instead of working your deep muscles I will use long, full-handed and flowing strokes, similar to Esalen Massage. I will also incorporate Reiki/Energy in our session.

If you choose to book with me, please know that your session will be partly instructional as I gently guide you to be more present in your body and connected with your own sexual energy.

This connection to oneself during pleasure is foundational to creating more intimacy with a sexual partner.

You will walk away with distinctions and practices that you can put immediately to use. As matter for fact, many clients report that their intimate partners noticed a palpable difference upon their return.

 “I’ve never experienced something like the session we had where I felt so loved and heard/seen. It was honestly amazing.

My body felt recharged after the session. A little tired but rejuvenated at the same time.

Your hugs were amazing. I felt like I was safe and it calmed me. The session made me feel alive and a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.”
J.H. Atlanta, Oct 2021


As a gourmet experience,
genital release will never be the focus
of any authentic Tantra practice.


When genital release is a practitioner’s focus, it’s like settling for a McDonalds’s cheeseburger when a filet mignon is available. I will never dishonor you or myself in this way.

While the heightened states people experience on my table are not oriented around the genitals, your awakened and vibrating energy will expand and flow through every cell of your body, far beyond what most people experience, even during ejaculation.

“Ultimately, I had what I think is described as the full body orgasm….beginning low at my prostate or abdominal floor radiating up through my abdomen a warm and cool sensation simultaneously with tingling that radiated upward through my chest reaching around to my shoulder blades and then up the sides of my neck and made my scalp tingle.Then the tears began, and a feeling of release. Tears from where, or over what, I don’t know. At one point I felt like I was being raised from the mat, like hundreds of individual fingers of energy or light outlining my entire body were lifting me, there were no specific pressure points but points of energy or light that were suspending me. As we began to end our session rather than being tired, empty, and drained I felt rejuvenated, energized, even exhilarated.”
~Walt (early 60’s) in Atlanta


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