Save $125 when you book by Tuesday, Nov 15th.

Save $125 when you pre-book your session by Tuesday.
Your session can happen anytime before the end of the year,
but it must be reserved by Tuesday, Nov 15h.


“I am so happy that I lucked across Summer’s ad a few weeks ago… Her service was absolutely great and a very sensual and healing experience. I would repeat! Summer is a unique type of provider. She is a professional, skilled, warm, friendly, and empathetic healer. Her service is far grander than just FBSM – as a matter of fact, it’s not FBSM at all. She provides a high quality massage, psycho-therapy, erectile coaching, relationship advice and an intimate, sensual tantra service  Summer can show you some things about yourself that can benefit you in the long run, far beyond the moment of this session…”
~ from The Erotic Review
Option 1)
 Book a 90 min massage session for $375,
and upgrade to a 2hr Tantra session at no charge.
~ a $125 savings


Option 2) Book a 2hr Tantra session for $500
and extend your bodywork by 30 min.
~ a $125 savings

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