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Reviews below are from The Erotic Review
and have been edited for brevity and context only.

“If you want to just get a rub and tug then she is not the woman for you. However, if you are interested in elevating your sex game, mastering your orgasms, and feeling them from a deep place you didn’t know existed then this is where you need to be. I can truly say without hesitation that {She} has changed my sex life. Hell, she has even changed the way that I masturbate.”
DECAT7000 on The Erotic Review

“Ultimately, I had what I think is described as the full body orgasm….beginning low at my prostate or abdominal floor radiating up through my abdomen a warm and cool sensation simultaneously with tingling that radiated upward through my chest reaching around to my shoulder blades and then up the sides of my neck and made my scalp tingle.Then the tears began, and a feeling of release. Tears from where, or over what, I don’t know.  At one point I felt like I was being raised from the mat, like hundreds of individual fingers of energy or light outlining my entire body were lifting me, there were no specific pressure points but points of energy or light that were suspending me.  As we began to end our session rather than being tired, empty, and drained I felt rejuvenated, energized, even exhilarated.”
~Walt (early 60’s) in Atlanta, June 2013

“{She} not only gives incredible massages, but she is one of the hottest providers I’ve ever worked with…She’s honest and real, incredibly skilled and sexy, and well worth a visit. I will definitely repeat next time I’m in her area.”
SEKUDED on The Erotic Review

“{She} is a breath of fresh air when it comes to providers…. If you want a provider that will treat you warmly and respect you as a man then you need to make an appointment!  I have never felt more energetic and invigorated since I was in my 20s…  I will definitely go see her again due to the way she cared for me… {She} will shower you with love and affection like no other woman can.  Read on to find out what makes her different from typical rub and tug providers….”
Cxxxxx on The Erotic Review

“I am so happy that I lucked across her ad a few weeks ago… Her service was absolutely great and a very sensual and healing experience. I would repeat! She is a unique type of provider. She is a professional, skilled, warm, friendly, and empathetic healer. Her service is far grander than just FBSM – as a matter of fact, it’s not FBSM at all. She provides a high quality massage, psycho-therapy, erectile coaching, relationship advice and an intimate, sensual tantra service…  She can show you some things about yourself that can benefit you in the long run, far beyond the moment of this session…”
BROTHER8 from The Erotic Review

“…I’ve been to another provider before who was highly recommended and reviewed…but {She} is different. I felt like I went deeper with her than with the other provider, and we didn’t even have sex…{She} is an expert. Strong, super fucking sexy, vulnerable, and has more to offer than your average or even top escort. I can’t even imagine what her tantric experiences are like, but I mean to find out. This review can’t do the experience justice.. But go visit her and you’ll see what I mean, you won’t want to see anyone else.”
MANNY518 from The Erotic Review