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Tantra entails far more than simple, sensual pleasure.  Tantric practice can be a powerful tool for Awakening on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Many people say that the Tantric Path is a fast path to enlightenment.

Being fully present in the moment and letting go of our agenda based ways of operating are two very important keys in practicing Tantra.

Tantra invites us to surrender our clinging to control, to trust in our partner, and  to love and accept ourselves fully.  In Tantra we surrender our limiting beliefs about ourselves, about Sex and even about what we think we want and need. As long as we are forcing an outcome, open-hearted pleasure and communion with our Beloved will remain out of reach.

In the paradox of this Surrender lies the exquisite beauty that is Tantra.

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My Tantric Bodywork practice is based on the premise that conscious, loving touch can not only be a learning tool but can be a powerful vehicle for healing and awakening. I believe that what is needed on this planet, at this time, is more of us living with Awakened Hearts. My Tantric Bodywork practice is in service to that vision.663322_orig (1)

Having developed myself over 20 years of study, I am proud to share what I’ve learned and experienced through the vehicle of Tantra. Many of my clients report that their experience with me was not only totally unexpected but one of the most profound in their lives. I am humbled by the impact I’m privileged to have with those I work with, and I take what I do quite seriously.

As a gourmet experience,
genital release will NEVER be the focus of any authentic Tantra practice.

Yes, your entire body will be adored &  tantalized during your session. However, the heightened sexual state clients typically experience is not at all the end goal. Your awakened sexual energy will be used to for the higher purposes of emotional healing, spiritual awakening and full body, ecstatic pleasure.

“Ultimately, I had what I think is described as the full body orgasm….beginning low at my prostate or abdominal floor radiating up through my abdomen a warm and cool sensation simultaneously with tingling that radiated upward through my chest reaching around to my shoulder blades and then up the sides of my neck and made my scalp tingle.Then the tears began, and a feeling of release. Tears from where, or over what, I don’t know.  At one point I felt like I was being raised from the mat, like hundreds of individual fingers of energy or light outlining my entire body were lifting me, there were no specific pressure points but points of energy or light that were suspending me.  As we began to end our session rather than being tired, empty, and drained I felt rejuvenated, energized, even exhilarated.
~Walt (early 60’s) in Atlanta, June 2013