Your Session

Your experience with me will be 100% genuine
because I am not a sexual entertainer.

Curious to know how this is different from entertainment?
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My intention is to create in a heart-centered connection that leaves us both open and expanded… beyond just our session, also in life. Our time together will be an oasis for you, a special and delicious experience in the midst of your stressful world. You spend your days working hard and making things happen.

Now is the time to lay back, and Receive Love.


You will be welcomed into my private, sacred space lit with candles. You’ll hear soft, relaxing music and smell tantalizing incense. I’ll greet you with a warm hug and invite you to remove your shoes. After discussing the nuances and practical application of Tantra, and how it applies to our lives, we’ll begin the tactile portion of our session.

During your Tantra Bodywork session, my focus will be on nurturing your beautiful heart and opening up your body for more aliveness and Love.

In the bodywork portion of your Tantra session, we will connect body to body on several occasions inside a sacred space of reverence and deep respect. My touch will be very light, focused on awakening your nerve endings, and not on working your deep muscles. You will learn to open your heart with the divine feminine in a way that has immediate relevancy in your life and with your chosen female partner. Although your Sensual Massage session will not include body to body touch, It will include deeper muscle work and include every part of your body.

My Tantra sessions are designed for men and women who are looking to deepen their relationships with their bodies and their sexuality. Perhaps you’re dealing in PE (Premature Ejaculation) or ED (Erectile Dysfunction), or you want to lean how to be more connected in your Lovemaking, more open with your partner? This session is partly a conversational learning experience and partly a tactile sensual experience. In your Intro to Tantra Session you will learn practices and gain distinctions that will be immediately useful in your day to day life, and especially in your romantic relationships.

Your Sensual Massage session (while still Tantric in nature) will be focused more on body relaxation and expanded pleasure, including deeper muscle work than a Tantra session. Unfortunately, there is little time for coaching or teaching in these sessions, but it’s a great way to begin your Tantric experience. Please understand that my massage sessions are wonderful, but not designed for men or woman needing counseling or guidance. There simply isn’t enough time.

All sessions include Reiki. Reiki assists your nervous system in relaxing, becoming subtle, and accepting the nurturance it is about to receive. When we are complete, it will help you to integrate your experience, and prepare you for the rest of your day.

Your session will end with an invigorating shower, and a few minutes to reconnect at the end and discuss anything that came up during the bodywork portion of the session.

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