About My Upcoming Session

Your Tantra session will be very personal, connected and sensual. You will be held with impeccable attention, and touched with tenderness and care.

Your experience will be a multi-sensory & sensual as well as expansive, emotionally cathartic and spiritual.

Our focus will be on tending to your heart and body so you can open to Love, and open to Life. A nourished person is available for Love. When you open to Love, more life force energy can move through through your body.

In your 4 hr Intro to Tantra session you will:

  • Learn to foster genuine connection and intimacy with your partner
  • Begin rewire your neurology for intimacy vs. “checking out.”
  • Learn the key to having your partner crave your sexual expression instead of simply “giving in” to your sensual requests
  • Tap into your emotions as an access to your partner’s deepest surrender
  • Have the delicious opportunity to relax your fixation with performance, allowing for exquisite, full body pleasure
  • Learn to use your magnificent sexual energy in a manner that serves your partner, and the world.

Your Tantra session will not be a deep tissue “massage” session. Instead of working your muscles, I will be awakening the nerve endings on your skin. I will also utilize light body-work as well as Reiki/Energy in our session.

If you choose to book a session, please know that your session will be partly instructional, gently guiding you to be more present in your body and connected with your own sexuality allowing for more exquisite intimacy with a sexual partner. You will walk away with distinctions and practices that you can put immediately to use.

 “I’ve never experienced something like the session we had where I felt so loved and heard/seen. It was honestly amazing.

My body felt recharged after the session. A little tired but rejuvenated at the same time.

Your hugs were amazing. I felt like I was safe and it calmed me. The session made me feel alive and a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.”
J.H. Atlanta, Oct 2021

As a gourmet experience, genital release is not the focus of any authentic Tantra practice.
My attention will be on causing a whole-body, blissful, experience
that far exceeds your expectations.

When genital release is one’s focus, it’s like choosing a McDonalds’s cheeseburger over an 8oz, juicy filet mignon. I will never dishonor you or myself by sacrificing quality of experience to expediency.

Although your entire body will be touched during your session (inside your boundaries), the heightened state people often experience is not oriented around the genitals. Your awakened and vibrating energy will expand and flow through every cell, far beyond what many people experience during ejaculation.

“Ultimately, I had what I think is described as the full body orgasm….beginning low at my prostate or abdominal floor radiating up through my abdomen a warm and cool sensation simultaneously with tingling that radiated upward through my chest reaching around to my shoulder blades and then up the sides of my neck and made my scalp tingle.Then the tears began, and a feeling of release. Tears from where, or over what, I don’t know. At one point I felt like I was being raised from the mat, like hundreds of individual fingers of energy or light outlining my entire body were lifting me, there were no specific pressure points but points of energy or light that were suspending me. As we began to end our session rather than being tired, empty, and drained I felt rejuvenated, energized, even exhilarated.”
~Walt (early 60’s) in Atlanta

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